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Beauty out of love

Aimée is a premium cosmetics and perfumes brand, born from the idea of self-love. “When we love ourselves completely and unconditionally, something magical happens; we teach others, without using words, how to love themselves ”(Debbie Ford).

With a lot of work and passion, Aimée launched its first products in 2020, a year with many trials, but which revealed more than ever the appreciation for quality and purpose.

Our portfolio includes personal care products and perfumes created in Romania, respecting international quality demands. Aimée products are made with great care and consideration to detail, using high-quallity ingredients, selected from around the world after meticulous research. From the very beginning, every product is designed to be healthy, useful, not to present any risk, and its use to be a perfect experience.

"Beauty is a product of human inspiration. Aimée is our contribution. Our creams contain active compunds that work synergistically, thus giving the effect it claims. Also, all formulations are designed with quality ingredients that will create a pleasant experience for each application. The care routine with Aimée products is created to be a treat ”, says Daniela Toma, the creator of Aimée products.

"Beauty is a
product of human inspiration.
Aimée is our contribution."
Daniela Toma, Aimée creator

Produced locally
in Aimée laboratories

Every product bearing the Aimée label is created by our chemists,
at Aimée laboratories in Bucharest, under the strictest
quality and control standards.

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